About Metta

What does 'Metta' mean?

Metta (Pali, Thai), also known as Maitri (Sanskrit), or loving-kindness (English) means loving-kindness, benevolence, friendliness, and compassion and good will towards others and self. The cultivation of benevolence (metta bhavana) is a popular form of Buddhist Meditation that focusses cultivating and developing compassion and universal loving kindness.

Why did you choose the name ‘Mettamade’?

Morgan and Carol learned of the theory and practice of Metta meditation during a Mindful Self-Compassion course in 2018, the year Mettamade was founded. They took this course during a period where Morgan committed to recovery from an Eating Disorder (ED). Morgan and Carol implemented Metta meditation as a daily practice in their personal and professional lives. Morgan used Metta meditation during her recovery process to heal her relationship with her body and it’s responses to stress, trauma, and grief.

At this time, Carol started teaching Morgan how to sew as a hobby and a mindful activity. As Morgan went through her ED recovery process, she realized that she needed new clothing that would allow for her body’s changes during recovery. Carol, a former Fashion Designer introduced Morgan to sewing garments, and the basics of Fashion Design and construction. This led to the design of the Morgan Jumpsuit and the concept of adaptive clothing that felt good to wear, looked stylish and offered universal fit for diverse and dynamic bodies.

We chose METTAMADE because the teaching of Metta meditation was key in our practice of self-love, kindness and compassion with our bodies. We wanted to extend this practice to others through our mission of designing and producing clothing made with compassion to support  others’ practice of compassion, love and kindness with their bodies and other people’s bodies.

METTAMADE’s core value is to treat all with loving kindness. We design for size inclusivity and body diversity using natural fabrics and ethical production in Canada.

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