Fabric Care Information

All tips mentioned are specific to our Bamboo Fabrics made from 95% Rayon from Bamboo, 5% Spandex, and French Terry Sets made from 66% Rayon from Bamboo, 28% Cotton. 6% Spandex. 

Washing Instruction Steps

  1. Turn the garment inside out to achieve best results before washing.
  2. Wash garment with other items of similar colours.
  3. Use COLD water for washing only. Do not use warm or hot (maximum recommended temperature is 60°C). If desired, garment can also be hand washed but still use cold water.
  4. Use minimal amounts of soap or detergent and do not use any type of softener or bleach.
  5. Before drying, ensure clothing is well rinsed and has no remaining soap or detergent remaining


Drying Instruction Steps

*Be careful when handling wet Bamboo fabrics, they are very delicate once washed*

  1. Before drying, keep the garment inside out
  2. Do NOT dry the garment in a machine dryer as this will cause the piece to shrink or lose its original shape. It is best to lay flat to dry! If you must, you can put in the dryer on "air fluff" with NO heat. Lay the garment to dry on a flat surface (avoid direct sunlight).
  3. Do not dry clothing on a clothesline or hanger as it will cause the fabric to stretch, especially if the garment is heavier.
  4. Air drying also prevents unwanted fabric pilling from occurring. After garment is dry, store clothing pieces on a hanger to prevent wrinkles.


Stain Removal

*Dry cleaning is not recommended for Bamboo fabrics; most stain removal can be easily done from home remedies*

If a stain occurs:

  • Wash the stain off immediately to avoid the stain from setting in permanently to the fabric.
  • Soak the stain with a dry paper towel to capture any extra residue from the stain. Follow this with a wet tissue wiping the stained area.
  • If stain is not removed, it is safe to remove the stains using small amounts of vinegar and baking soda or a bleach-free stain remover. If this is necessary to remove the stain, ensure to wash out stain remover under running water after applied to refrain from creating fabric discolouration.



*If possible, it is in best practice to refrain from ironing fabrics that contain Bamboo. Most fabrics created with Bamboo can lose any creases from body heat and do not require an iron to remove unwanted wrinkles*

  • If you do choose to iron, ensure you iron the clothing after turning them inside out
  • Never iron Bamboo fabrics at a high heat. Low heat settings are best.
  • Do NOT steam Bamboo garments. Steaming can cause unwanted ring-shaped stains which will be either be difficult to remove or not removed at all.



The best way to prevent pilling from occurring is air drying garments. If pilling does occur, it is possible to remove unwanted pilling with a razor. Gently go over each section of pilling in one direction, similar to how you would shave your legs. Ensure you do this lightly and with limited force, so you do not accidentally slice a hole in the fabric.