Non-Medical Bamboo Face Masks
Non-Medical Bamboo Face Masks


Non-Medical Bamboo Face Masks

Details: Our Bamboo Jersey Non-Medical Grade Face Masks are made from new+excess Bamboo, Spandex fabric from our sewing studio.  This batch is made from a combination of colours. Fabric masks are washable and reusable, reducing waste. Masks have four adjustable ties to allow for the option to tie behind ears or the back of head (to reduce agitation behind the ears).

Fabric: Made in Canada from 95% Rayon from Bamboo, 5% Spandex. We recommend washing in hot water with detergent and tumble dry low. Each mask is made of two layers of fabric + space to insert a filter or additional layer of fabric.

About: With the global pandemic of COVID-19, we are called to do what we can to protect and support our community and the greater public health.

While fabric masks are NOT a replacement for Medical Grade masks like N95 masks, research shows that fabric masks, when properly fitted, can offer some protection from the spread of airborne contaminates (compared to wearing no mask at all).

Medical Grade face masks are in short supply and must be reserved for healthcare workers and those working on the frontline.